The Portal of Crystal Consciousness is a collection of ancient crystal skulls and tools that have reconnected and merged together frequencially in this timeline for the mission of assisting in the expansion and healing of multidimensional consciousness. As many ancient ruins from past civilizations emerge from Earth’s terrafirma time capsules in these days of great planetary change, so are tools created and intended to assist humanity at this time. Gaia is beginning to reveal what spiritually advanced cultures from antiquity left for posterity to aid in these times for humanity to reach a level of consciousness watershed that will put us on an Ascension timeline status. These objects are imbued with the proper frequencies to support the transmutation of old dense energies that no longer serve individuals existential process or the collective consciousness of humanity as a whole. These tools provide exponential magnification of healing beyond ones current limitations and helps to alleviate the obfuscation of a higher minded conscious vision that the ego can produce. Ran and Christy are the Guardians and channels of the Portal of Crystal Consciousness, and in such anchor and embody ever higher frequencies coming into Gaia and the collective consciousness as we Ascend through our seemingly linear evolutionary progression.

Ran and Christy have dedicated this lifetime to their own healing and spiritual evolution. In equal reflection, their dedication to serving others is tantamount to the transformation that each unique path allows for. Before coming into union, they had traveled the world working with some of the greatest healers on the planet facilitating experiences that offered choices for great personal transformation each were pursuing on a soul level. Studying Shamanism, Kundalini Yoga, ontology, various forms of healing, multiple spiritual teachings, diverse mythos, diet/nutrition and above all, true education from their own internal journeys. Experiencing the separation of Light and Dark. Coming to the awareness and mergence with unified Truth; the Oneness of All. Light and dark and everything in-between is of all conscious creation. And that nothing exists outside of infinite multi-dimensional consciousness.

Both Ran and Christy have learned firsthand that healing is a technical and balanced art form, requiring the highest integrity and commitment. They are honored to hold a level of consciousness compassionately apropos to assisting others who are ready to take responsibility for their own healing and transformation. Through the Awakening and re-remembering process humanity is currently undergoing, these days allow one to make expedited strides in their spiritual growth unlike any other time in the skewed chronology of Earth’s accessible history. 

As Twin Flames, Ran and Christy hold the Sacred Union and balance of Masculine/Feminine energy. In this rare and auspicious union of balance, healing and channeling performed for others can be exponentially profound and radically transformational.

Ran and Christy come from a knowing that We(all life) are all intrinsically One unified field of consciousness. Within the third dimension and greater collective of Earth’s human conscious experience, most humans experience and identify with beliefs of separation and illusory fears through choices of dualistic life navigation i.e. religion, politics, corporatized educational and medical institutions, most western societal doctrines and limiting belief systems propagated through all forms of media. Thusly represented by loss of organic conscious connection to nature, our planet Gaia and connection to our true human Spirit.

All souls are Divine facsimiles of the One. Having a range within an infinite number of incarnations and co-creative freewill to produce any and all experiences that are conceivable only to come into remembrance that we are all infinite and eternal creative consciousness. We are incarnated here to play and create from our own Divine expression. In a world of extreme polarization from poverty to wealth, hunger to nourished, ignorant to spiritually aware; a recalibration is in process. The global tide of consciousness is at a crescendo byroad. The present condition of Gaia’s dramatic geological and consciousness changes have been prognosticated and recorded by different cultures around the world for millennia. The archaic program for humans to search and reach outside of them self for answers and salvation leaves a greater wanting and separation from Spirit. Humanity is asked to rise up to a higher minded level of spiritual maturity like it hasn’t known from a amnesiac record of history. Accepting the Light as well as the Dark, which we all have within us, is part of this journey. As well as using our power in a balanced and co-creative way in order to achieve a homeostatic society. This is humanity’s birth rite and a time of spiritual graduation if chosen.

Ran and Christy work diligently to live an expression of life represented by acceptance, compassion, trust, integrity and dedication to each other and to their path. Both Ran and Christy live a life of continual refinement of all aspects of themselves. Growing ever closer to fully embodying the Divinity that they are and releasing more of what illusory egoic attachments(once identified with) that they are not. One reflection of Ran and Christy’s life work is to emulate a paradigm that would in hope be a prime definition and quintessence of what spiritual attainment is possible in our current zeitgeist. Living a high vibrational life for themselves and therewith is the greatest service to our One human family.

  • Ran and Christy open their sacred space and home weekly for Prayer and Meditation at the Portal of Crystal Consciousness. They offer this for a small donation as a way to give back to the collective, as well as to share their Gifts with those who resonate. This is offered for those who are in or around the Cape Girardeau, MO area, and are looking for a safe space that offers relief and healing beyond illusionary reality.

  • Within a safe and encompassing space, together Ran and Christy facilitate healings by means of group prayer and Kundalini based medical mediation gatherings, as well as Shamanic and crystal healings. They provide a safe, non-duality space for souls to come together in prayer and contemplation with select ancient tools, aiding in healing and liberation from old conditioned thought patterns.

  • Christy is a Spirit Channel and Medium, and with Ran’s grounding connection she uses her gift of Spirit communication to communicate the highest and most advantageous approach for each individual to navigate their life. They offer this guidance from a place of humility and compassion to help illuminate the way for those seeking clarity on achieving each soul’s mission for the most spiritually fulfilling evolution.

  • Ran and Christy provide individual energetic healing with ancient tools, as well as exorcisms when requested.


Ran and Christy are located in Cape Girardeau, MO. They provide services in-person and/or remotely.

  • Crystal Energy Healings / Shamanic Healings

  • Spirit Communication, Channeling, and Medium Readings

  • Group prayer and meditation with ancient skulls & tools

  • Weekly prayer and meditation at the Portal of Crystal Consciousness

If you would like to schedule with Ran and Christy, please email: