We sincerely and Lovingly welcome you to the Portal of Crystal Consciousness! You being here is a testament to your vibrational acceptance and openness of healing beyond your logical mind.

We are Ran & Christy, and we are blessed and honored to assist in your healing, guidance, and evolution. Together we are the Guardians and channels for The Portal of Crystal Consciousness - a collection of Ancient Crystal Skulls and tools that have reconnected and merged together frequencially at this time to assist you in the expansion and healing of your multidimensional consciousness.

The Portal transmits frequencies that support the transmutation of old, dense energies that no longer serve individuals, or the collective consciousness of humanity as a whole. The Portal provides healing beyond ones current limitations, and aids in dissolving the ego and the limitations placed upon humanity for eons. Additional info about the Portal can be found here.

We are honored to assist others who are ready to claim their personal power of their own healing and transformation.  Being in Sacred Union as opposite polarities, we hold a balance of Masculine & Feminine energy together, and have found that this energy of non-duality provides transformational healing beyond what could be attained in separation.

We work diligently to live an expression of life represented by Love, acceptance, compassion, trust, integrity and dedication to each other and to our services. It is our prayer and intention that all souls are free from fear and limitations, and that we work together in unity for the greater good of Mother Earth, the Cosmos, and All.

We open our sacred space and home twice a week to the public for Prayer and Contemplation at the Portal of Crystal Consciousness. We offer this for a small donation as a way to give back to the collective.

We also offer personal and group Healings, Mediumship, as well as Spirit Communication to aid in your journey.

If you would like to experience the Portal of Crystal Consciousness please email: