How To Prepare For A Reading

Within the scope of my life and psychic experience, I have noticed certain things about people who are new to exploring the wonderful tools psychics offer. In short, most people are unprepared for a reading. They have expectations that are built from watching advertisements, or reading incidental magazine articles.

The truth is, participating in a psychic reading is a powerful tool to gain insights that would not otherwise arise in everyday life. It is an intimate communication experience where someone with incredibly useful gifts looks into the sensitive realms of consciousness with the client’s permission. It is common that most new clients do not know what to expect from a reading. One thing is for sure - the more aware a client is, the more illuminating the reading can be.

People are always looking for insights that require esoteric principles, yet have the idea that these insights come through ordinary means. They do not. As a medium, this has always seemed a bit strange to me.  Therefore, if a person has never incorporated a psychic reading into their life before, there is information that one can internalize in preparation for a reading.

When a medium starts to receive information about a person, they can be flooded with information from several sources. Several loved ones or guides may be fighting to share information as quickly as possible.  The information that comes through can involve all aspects of human life.  Emotions, stress, daily feelings, personal histories, and life motives can all be encountered with each reading. If a person is prepared in the right way for their first reading, the experience can be life-changing. Here are a few pointers for preparing for an initial psychic reading.

Have Goals for a Reading

Medical, psychoanalytical, and religious professionals can all determine things about a person from an in-depth interview. Psychics however, must go beyond standard courses of analysis. When you get your first reading, have a concrete set of specific topics that you want addressed. This helps every professional medium narrow their focus to what the client wants. These goals can be as simple as finding the reasons behind stress, or as complicated as understanding an unresolved issue with a deceased loved one. The more specific a client’s question, the better a medium can identify a solid answer.

Forget Physical Limitations

Professional mediums can effectively use modern communication tools (email, phone, and video for example).  In the past, a romantic ideal was established that readings must take place person-to-person. While this can be very powerful for the person, it is not necessarily true.  A medium can make contact with you through written word or voice interaction. Never limit your first contact with a professional medium to in-person meetings. Email, phone, and video contact provides adequate connections that result in a great reading.

Understand Your Role in a Reading

When a psychic goes into a state where they can receive and relay information for a client, they often put their own cognitive abilities aside. Allowing the universe and interpersonal connections to come through can  put a psychic in a compromised personal position. Yet, this makes them extremely open to the truth. Have a short list of very specific questions prepared to ask them. Intent is extraordinarily powerful in an accurate reading. The more specific a question, the more weighty and pertinent the answer. Don’t be afraid to ask the medium at your first reading tough, heavy, and very specific questions.

I have accompanied countless people from all walks of life on their first journey employing the help of a seer, medium, or general psychic. Clients who are enriched and empowered the most come to a reading with pinpoint questions, and an openness to working with a specialist in the psychic arts. A little due diligence goes a long way in getting the most from your first reading.

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