Psychic Readings

What is a psychic reading?  A “Psychic” is someone who can experience beyond the use of the normal five human senses of eyesight, hearing, taste, smell, and physical touch.  I personally have had many forms of psychic experiences, but day to day my communication with Spirit  most often takes the form of Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is “Seeing” beyond the physical eyesight. 

Christy’s Clairvoyance allows her to “See” Spirit and images as if she were watching a movie. These images form impressions which she then interprets or “reads” for the person having a reading. A reading with Ran and Christy can also involve other psychic impressions, such as hearing, feeling, and/or knowing information about the person being read without the use of our five normal human senses. Spirit can communicate in different ways, thus we use what comes forward in the moment.  We are also able to sense vibrations, and love to help others get in touch with their own intuition.

We will provide you with a complete, personal, thorough, and detailed reading during your session, including any sensations that are communicated to us through Spirit. Every psychic reading is extremely personal and very specific to the person. These highly individualized readings can aid in providing clarity to your life circumstances, including your family and romantic relationships, your career, your health, and your personal growth.  

Please be aware that any information we discuss regarding your physical health is not a substitute for the medical advice of a licensed, qualified health care professional. Christy is a Medium and Clairvoyant who can help you get in touch with your own Intuition, but she is not a healthcare professional. 

Our readings don’t require anything from you other than your presence, either in person or over the phone. We don’t need you to fill us in on background information or a lot of personal details about your life and past experiences. All the information we need will come to us psychically in order to do the reading. You will not have to give us your life story or tell us anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Christy doesn’t need any special tools other than her innate clairvoyant and extrasensory gifts. We personally do not use Tarot cards nor do we need to know when and where you were born to complete a detailed astrological chart on your life and where your future might lead you. We neither endorse these things nor refute that they work for other people, but this is simply not where our personal gifts are. We do, however, use crystals and ancient tools during readings, as they enhance and clarify the information that comes through.

Spirit Medium Readings

Christy has had the gift of Mediumship from a young age. Mediums are ones who communicate with Spirit.  “Spirit” is a term that includes Ancestors, Guides, Guardian Angels, and other non-physical beings. Spirit also includes human beings who have passed on, including those who are still bound to the Earth as well as those who have passed on to higher planes of existence.

You can think of Mediums as hollow vessels for Spirit to fill. Messages from the Spirit world can then come through to the world of the living through the assistance of Mediums. 

Many people visit Mediums in the hopes of being able to communicate with a loved one who has passed on. While Christy tries to assist our clients with their needs as much as we possibly can, there is no way for us to guarantee that a particular individual on the Other Side will respond to our request for communication. 

As a hollow vessel, Christy can only communicate what information Spirit willingly offers to her. Please keep an open mind and be willing to communicate with a Being/Person other than the one(s) you had in mind. 

When you have a Medium reading, Christy will communicate any images, messages, impressions, and other information to you that she receives from Spirit. She will do her best to clearly communicate the images and impressions she perceives using her Gifts. 

Because you and us do not know one another personally, something that Spirit shows us or tells us might make no sense whatsoever to us, while it might mean a great deal to you and you might understand it clearly. We can only pass on what Spirit communicates; We can’t necessarily ask for further clarification or guarantee that you and us will correctly interpret what Spirit is trying to say. The clarity of the message may depend somewhat on your own perceptiveness, openness, and willingness to listen.